Themes of the Plenary and Parallel
(oral and poster) Sessions

Our scientific meeting aims to provide the widest possible opportunity for presentation of all aspects of anthropological disciplines and to stimulate the information and debate exchange.

Preliminary themes of plenary sections are:

  • Evolutional Theories in Human Origin
    Silvana Condemi:

        150 Years of Neanderthal Studies: Old Questions New Answers

    Leslie Aiello:

        Did energetic efficiency make us human?

  • Changes in Genetic Profile of Ancient and Living Populations
    Pavao Rudan:

        Out of Balkan - Genetic Heritage as Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA and
        Y Chromosomal Lineages

    István Raskó:

        Genetic Methods in Seeking Human Population Origins

    Rosalio Calderon:

        Gene Flow in Iberian Populations

  • Human Ecology – Priorities for the 21 st Century
    Napoleon Wolanski:

        Philo- and Ontogenetic Perspectives of Human Ecology

    Pia Bennike:

       Human Ecology: A Question of Balance.
       Interaction between Human Health and Environment - Past and Present

  • Screening for Health and Disease – Growth and Aging
    Lawrence Schell:

        Challenges of Contemporary Urbanism on Growth and Health

    Nicholas Mascie-Taylor:

        A Review of the Anthropometric Methods of Screening for
        Health and Disease

    Noel Cameron:

        Human Growth as an Indicator of Social Change

  • Kinanthropometry – Functional and Physiological Anthropology
    William Duquet:

        Functional Anthropology: Challenges for the Future

    William D. Ross:

        Iconometrographical analyses of comprehensive anthropometric data

  • New Perspectives in the Disciplines of Biological Anthropology
    Douglas H. Ubelaker:

        New Methodology in Forensic Anthropology

    Charles Susanne:

        Challenges in Research and Education of Anthropology
        and Bioethical Problems

The main topics for the symposia are:

  • Human Evolution
  • Paleoanthropology and Paleopathology
  • Human Population Genetics and Biodemography
  • Human Growth and Development - dedicated to O.G. Eiben's memory
  • Human Ecology - Human Nutrition, Health and Disease in Past and Present Populations
  • Functional and Physiological Anthropology
  • Human Diversity and Biocultural Researches
  • Applied Anthropology

The organising committee reserves the right to make changes to the programme as necessary.

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